Sunday, May 14, 2006

This one's for you Kristin.

Due to recent requests, I guess I will pursue my blog. I apologize to those of you whom I have left hanging; this week has been well, hell. I have recently returned back to little ol' sandy from Boston. While I was in Boston, a catastrophie happened. As my dear friend Hilary and I were packing up and saying goodbye to our beloved friend Liz, and the city of the sox. We were pushing for time, as we kept our hugs and tears short. Our wonderful bus driver, (we will call him joe) drove about 20 miles an hour, stopping every five minutes to fix his trusty windows (better be safe than sorry). Slow Joe was cautiously taking every turn, and stopped for every pedestrian, and slowed down for every yellow light. I think Joe had just recently entered drivers ed. In what should've taken 20-30 minutes to get to the airport, it took us 1 HOUR!! Hilary and I were quited upset, the nice lady on the bus could tell we were crunched on time and allowed us to get off the bus before her. What a gracious thought, that extra two seconds would really come in handy. I'm so glad she was offering, because I would have never thought of getting off ahead of her in the first place.
We gave our condolences to Joe and ran to the check-in counter. The newbie at the counter assured us that we would not be making our flight, noting that it was to leave in ten minutes. The words hit me like a ton of bricks. Although I knew the whole time that it would be a long shot if we actually made that flight, still I was holding on to every ounce of hope. My eyes slowly filled with tears, and I could feel the lump starting to form in my throat. I proceeded to ask when the next flight would be available. 6:00 am the next day. Yep, that lump definitely doubled its size.
As Hilary and I made ourselves comfortable in the airport, the city I was dreading to leave, became the city from hell. All I wanted was to go home, and to be in my own bed, after sleeping a week on concrete. I wanted to drive my own car, instead of taking public transportation all over the place. The little things became the necesstities of life. Later to find out we had to go back to Liz's dorm and stay there for the night, Hilary and I blew up at each other. Things that should never be said were said, we rode in silences to Liz's. As we arrived at Liz's and sat watching tv, we busted up laughing. thank heaven for comic relief.
At three in the morning the next morning we re-packed, and head out to wait for our cab. I sat in the cab, watching the toll rise higher and higher, hoping that the 39 dollars I had would be enough. Of course with the luck we were having, Charlie the cab driver added his tip and extra fees which totaled up to be $40.45. S.O.L seemed to be my phrase for the day. With the rescue of Hilary and those convenient ATM's we were finally headed to our gate. I have never been happier to a plane having a cavity in my life. As long as I was actually on that plane.
Moral of the story: give yourself plenty of time to make your flight, and tip your bus driver well.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ok so my previous post was about my inability to sleep; and how i hate being the last one to fall asleep because of the fact that i am alone, that i am sitting there awake helpless. Well, the other night we all decided to go to bed. we all nestled down all snug in our beds. when what to my wondering eye would appear, but liz and the gleaming blue light of her laptop. i was quite shocked at the matter, because for once i was not the only one awake. this was quite the comforting thought. I tried to go to sleep, but was unable to do so. the fact that i was not the only one awake was this weird eerie feeling that i could not shake off. i was in such a fluster and would not go to bed, even though i wanted to so incredibly bad. I sat there in silence waiting for liz to get off the computer and go to bed. after about a half an hour or so, she finally made way to her spot in the room. i closed my eyes and peace came upon me, i fell asleep within ten minutes.

what is my problem, i complain because i am sad i am the last one to fall asleep, but cant find solice even when im not the last one to be asleep. what is this continual lack of satisfaction? that is all.

Monday, May 01, 2006

spoken like a true insomniac.

This is my first blog that I have posted and I feel it may be a good one. I apologize if it is otherwise. I feel it an obligation, to show the true life of an insomniac. Let me start off by summing up that my dear friend Hilary and I, decided to visit our other dear friend Liz, who is currently resisding in Boston. I am having a grand ol' time, that is until dark... When the sun goes down and the town settles down. I am in solitude, I don't mind per say; I do enjoy some one on one time with myself. But at times, it becomes lonely and quite sad. Knowing that the world is asleep and you are desperately trying to catch the action, but are instead missing out greatly. It's like not knowing that a great party is going on, later to find out that everyone knew about it and was partying like it was 1999 and you missed out. But please spare your tears, as much as I know you want to shed that poor lil' tear on shelf of your eye lid, shove it back in because I ask no sympathy. Just you reading and considering this information makes all the difference. (I just ran with that last sentence, it seemed like a neccesary to add that last little bit.)

As of now I am sitting in Liz and Andrea's dorm room as I hear Andrea screaming "Oh my hell! I just saw something! I think it was a bug!" and fall right back to sleep. I have tried to fall asleep but the air mattress is flat, so I am laying on pure concrete. Liz's phone keeps beeping and is annoying the crap out of me. There is always the wretched aroma of feet that is flooding the air (partly my doing). The shutting and closing of dorm rooms, with the cackling and crying of drunk college students. And of course the outside noises of cars and wind and sirens, since the room is stiffling so the window must be open, (it also helps the smell.) Last but not least there is the necessary building/house noises everyplace has, it just takes a little getting use to. Soon they will become the calming noises that put you to sleep.

So now that you have heard me complaining and understand what an Insomniac goes through. I feel much obliged to ask how my friend Hilary can sit down any place and any where and fall asleep within five minutes? I don't mean for anyone to really answer this quesstion, I just thought i would leave it rhetorical. But if you do know the answer don't feel held back from answering.

Thank you for your time. I'm tired. Good night.